Friday, December 10, 2010

The Rebelscum Thread

One of the most informative sources of information regarding this scandal was this thread that appeared on Rebelscum when this first went public. Since Philip received a legal threat from Scott's lawyer (previous entry) the Rebelscum staff made the decision to take the thread down. It is reposted here from a saved copy from a reader before it was removed, and did not come from anyone from the Rebelscum staff.

Since this is a public thread, there are many opinions and facts by various posters, we are not endorsing any specific statements, but encourage everyone to read through it to get up to speed on the issues. It serves as an excellent resource on the Scott McWilliams matter. If Scott would like to comment on any of the statements from the Rebelscum Thread, I welcome him to do so and will post here. Here's the link:

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